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The Arabic language is the most widely spoken international languages in the world.
and it is considered as one of the languages adopted in the United Nations.
it is also one of the languages that has preserved its grammar all this time. Because it is the language of Islam, Holy Qur’an, and Muslims.
Also, Arab culture is very rich in all fields of books, whether literary, scientific, or any other book that have been written in a fluent Arabic (Fus-ha).
The total number of letters in the Arabic language is twenty-eight letters only.

Importance of the Arabic language:

The great importance of the Arabic language is included in Arab culture, heritage and literature.
Because it is considered as a part of the Arab civilization. and the following is a set of points that summarize the importance of the Arabic language:

  1. Arabic considered as one of the Semitic human languages, which has still preserved its linguistic and grammatical history since ancient times.
  2. Arabic is the language of Islam, the Holy Qur’an, and the noble hadeeth of the Prophet.
  3. and this contributed to enhancing its value and position among Muslims and Arabs.
  4. language contributed to the rise of many civilizations, especially European ones.
    which led to the encouragement of Europeans to learn and understand it to get to know its letters and words.
  5. Arabic has a linguistic specificity that makes it distinguished from other international languages, which appears in its statement and clarity of its vocabulary and words.

Characteristics of the Arabic language:


Among the advantages of the Arabic language:

Its pronunciation system considered as one of the most important linguistic speech systems.
so the tongue, throat, and larynx use to pronounce letters and words based on their sounds.
And the sounds in the Arabic language divided into a group of sections, such as:
occlusion sounds, laryngeal sounds, and others…


The words that make up the Arabic language and its linguistic dictionary is classified as one of the richest linguistic dictionaries in vocabulary and structures.
It contains more than a million words. The original vocabulary in the Arabic language is a triple root of other words.
so one linguistic root produces many words and vocabulary.


the method in which the words of the Arabic language pronounced depending on the use of linguistic movements, and it called Vowelization.
The specific pronunciation of each word changes depending on the nature of its formation; That is,
the movements written on its letters, and the pronunciation includes the special spelling of the letters,
which every person who wants to learn Arabic learns.
So that it is easy for him to understand it, and to deal with its words and sentences correctly.


the method associated with the vocabulary:

It depends on the root system of words that are often ternary, and may become quadruple at times,
and the Arabic language distinguished from many other languages by the presence of its own word formulas.
The Arabic language in classifying words.


It is the basis of the sentence in Arabic, and they divided It into two types.
namely: the nominative sentence and the verbal sentence.
and each type of these sentences has grammatical foundations and rules that the writers must use in their writing and formulation in order
to contribute to the transmission of their own ideas.

And also the grammar in the Arabic language Is on the use of a group of tools that connect the sentences,
and many other means that preserve the integrity of their structure.
Therefore, the Arabic language is classified as one of the languages that maintains its own grammatical system,
and helps in parsing its sentences and showing the ways of writing them.

Arabic between other languages:

Arabic as a language of association among Arabs has experienced rapid development and occupies a high
position among the languages of the world because apart from being the language of communication.
it is also the language of science, culture, and religion, which eventually became an international language.

Among the features of the Arabic language that reinforce its various functions are that it is the language of the Qur’an and hadith
its rich and has a dynamic vocabulary, and its worldwide distribution.
In the middle ages, the works of Muslim intellectuals written in Arabic were the main reference for the advancement of European civilization.
And in modern ages, Arabic was one of the factors in the development of the press and academic world
which made it taught in language institutions and universities in Indonesia.
various parts of the world. Thus, the urgency of Arabic is not only for understanding the teachings of Islam
in depth but also for the spread of Islamic civilization worldwide.

The importance of the Arabic language to non-native speakers:

Arabic occupies the fourth place as the most widespread language in the world, where nearly 280 million people speaking It,
so many people seek to learn it due to the benefits it can provide to its speaker.

And among these benefits:

  1. Learning Arabic for non-native speakers will be an attribute of distinction and intelligence
    as there are few who master it in Western countries.
  2. Arabic takes utmost importance because of the strategic of the Arab region
    which opens up prospects for a person to work and get a job.
  3. Read Original Arabic literature texts.
  4. Visiting the countries of the Middle East will be easier when one learns Arabic.
  5. Learning Arabic will facilitate learning of other languages, such as:
    Persian and Turkish, which share their linguistic roots with Arabic.
  6. The language of the sources of Islamic legislation is the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet
    and it is not permissible to pray in Islam without mastery It.

Teachers Of “Drops Of Rahma“Academy:

In the Academy, Teachers have a high competence in teaching Arabic with its different methods and skills.
As they have distinguished certificates in the field from major universities and have
either a certificate from Faculty of Education Arabic and islamic studies department, Or Faculty of Dar Al Uloom.
Teachers also have IJaza (certificate of completion and Memorization of Qur’an)
and can deal with all age groups in a fun, easy and organized manner.