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The importance of teaching Holy Qur’an:

There is no doubt that teaching people the Holy Qur’an raises the status of the teacher and the learner to the character mentioned by the Prophet ﷺ,

He said: “The best of You who he learns the Qur’an and teaches It”
And from here stems the importance of studying and teaching the Noble Qur’an, whose teaching methods vary according to the variables of the educational position
Because the single method, whatever its advantages that may overwhelm the disadvantages, must continue to lead to a kind of stagnation.
Therefore, it is better for the teacher to change the way he performs and his teaching method according to the course of affairs and the change of conditions
And also depending on his experience, taking advantage of his potential and personal capabilities, taking advantage of the data of the environment.

depending on his desire for creativity, innovation and renewal, characterized by flexibility and the ability to adapt to the developments of the educational situation.
sensing that What he knows of the best treasures of the world.

the Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) asked his friends: Which of you would like to go out every morning to (Buthan) or (Al-‘Aqiq) and bring two large humped and fat she-camels without being guilty of sin and cutting ties of relationship?
They said: Messenger of Allah, we would all like that.

He said: If any one of you goes out in the morning to the mosque and learns two Ayat (verses) of the Book of Allah, the Exalted,
it is better for him than two she camels, and three Ayat (verses) are better for him than three she camels, and so on than their numbers in camels.

Methods of teaching the Holy Qur’an:

There are many methods, procedures, and steps that teachers follow.
In order to convey information and ideas in a simple and gentle phrase, so that the student can understand and master them,
and this can also be followed in successful teaching methods in teaching the Noble Qur’an, To achieve the desired goals set by the teacher in learning the Noble Qur’an and teaching it in a balanced manner to his students, with the least time, cost, and effort.

The Tajweed of the Noble Qur’an has two basic aspects, and they are:

  1. The theoretical aspect: This aspect is concerned with knowing the rulings of the science of Tajweed and its rules, then understanding them fully and memorizing them with perfection.Because it is the main pillar in the practical side.
  2. The practical aspect: this aspect is concerned with the full implementation of rulings, and the Tajwid rules.

By hearing and verbally speaking from the mouths of scholars who know its rulings, its rules, and those who have mastered its recitation, and its statement.
So that learning this aspect is a duty for every Muslim who is able to apply it and recite it with perfection.

his saying -the Almighty:

(To whom we have given the book, it will be read by the truth of its recitation by those who believe in it).
And among what the teacher of the Noble Qur’an should be keen on is to consolidate the concepts of faith and correct Islamic principles in teaching the Noble Qur’an to his students.

He is keen to nurture the spirit of observation, to sense the importance of ritual acts of worship, to value in their souls the importance of supplication
to turn to God Almighty with it, and to also strive to clarify the components of worship in Islam.
And that God did not create His servants in vain. They are responsible for acts of worship before God.

For example, prayer is the jewel of Islam, its constant pillar, and it is a communication with God – the Glory and the Exalted – at all times with the remembrance and the recitation of the Qur’an.
So that the teacher can achieve these things and inculcate them in the hearts of students and apply them.

Qualities of a successful Qur’an teacher:

The teacher of the Noble Qur’an must, before teaching the Holly book.
master the various kinds of exits of letters. Annular, linguistic, and oral.
And to be able to relate the meanings of the verses; In order for what is intended to be fulfilled.
He must have an understanding, and an almost complete awareness of the meanings of the verses.
So that he can extract legal rulings, and indicate social and religious goals.
He is glorified and chanted verses in a loving manner, especially for children.
So that they become attached to the Holy Qur’an and want to recite it, memorize it, and understand it.

There is no doubt that reciting the Qur’an well is based on drawing conclusions and lessons
And it is one of the most successful methods of mastering the Noble Qur’an and teaching it.
It is imperative to realize the goal of communicating the meanings of the Noble Qur’an, its rulings, and clarifying its goals and objectives to students in easy and clear ways.
Also the methods of teaching the Noble Qur’an should be made more comprehensive.
This is by linking the ideas contained in the Noble Qur’an to human life, and its thoughts as a Muslim nation, with clarification that the Holy Qur’an is the constitution of this nation, the reason for its elevation, and the basis for its support.

It is not only legible documents, pages that are blessed, or verses that are praised, but rather the way of life.
The daily, the practical, which establishes the individual and society for a carefree life.
Therefore, it is necessary to realize that the Noble Qur’an is the constitution of science and work.
which a Muslim can practice smoothly and beautifully in his life.

How to teach the Holy Qur’an to children:

A home full of the Holy Qur’an considered as  a home of goodness, tranquility, and reassurance.
As it built with love for the Noble Qur’an, That is why fathers and mothers should strive to teach their children the Qur’an at an early age.

So that the child becomes a righteous man in his society, well-mannered by the etiquette and morals of the Holy Qur’an.
And it should be noted that most of the imams memorized the Holy Qur’an when they were young.
Al-Tabari – may God have mercy on him – memorized It at the age of seven.
and Al-Suyuti – may God have mercy on him – memorized It at the age of six
The first stages are the most appropriate time for memorization.

The best way of Teaching the Qur’an to a Child:

  • The child begins indoctrination and repetition from a young age, and use to listen to the Holy Qur’an with correct recitation,
    To learn with It, just as one must ensure that the Qur’an is always with him.
  • He looks at it, and memorizes the places That the words written.
  • He should not be mistaken in his recitation, but rather he is able to memorize it.

This is because the mistake that the child makes and not corrected for him, it may often be difficult to correct it,
and the recorded recitations also help to teach the Holy Qur’an.

As the child learner listens to it and repeats It with the Shaikh who reads It,
it is preferable to start with it with the short surahs that are very easy for him to memorize and read.
Also parents should encourage their children to memorize by various means, and love them for the Holy Qur’an.

And the appropriate way to teach children is to:

  • start teaching thim the spelling of the letters.
  • writing some easy words after mastering those letters.
  • training them.
  • and pronouncing them correctly.

Then write the words of Basmalah (In the name of Allah the merciful the gracious) and Istadah (I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed Satan)  in front of him.
Then the progression will be with the easiest and easiest surah, and memorizing it every day as much as he can Is preserved.
And with The new Part he would review the previous memorization as well.
It is imperative to repeat what he memorizes on a daily basis, and to constantly strive to encourage, motivate, and reward him.
And hold a humble party for him whenever he completes a surah and accomplishes it with memorization and understanding.
And the educator have to know as well; Whether he is a mother, father, or teacher, with constant awareness and familiarity with the child’s age stages; So that he can offer what is suitable for the kid’s age.

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