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Welcome to Drops of Rahma!

bism allah alruhmin alrahim

Our institution offers several training courses that improve your understanding of Islam as a religion and a lifestyle. Our classes are set online and customized according to your individual needs and preferences.

Islamic Studies online courses offer lessons by our best teachers explaining the teachings of respected and recognized Islamic scholars making it easier to understand the true nature of Islam for non-Arabic speakers.

The goal of our foundation is to help non-Arabic speakers to be able to understand the nature of the Islamic religion and the essence of the Holy Quran through a set of online training courses designed individually or in groups.

The first inspiration of God and the first verse of our noble Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, was “Read” and Islam encourages Muslims not only to follow the rules, but to understand them and feel the reason behind them. Islam is not only a religion; it is a divine doctrine that a true Muslim lives and practices in all aspects of life. The study of Islamic studies is an important part of the life of every true Muslim who wishes to live according to the guidelines set forth by God and implemented in every aspect of his life.

Online Quran lessons can be adjusted to better suit your schedule and educational needs as part of the Quran lessons at home.

God established the rule of equality between men and women, which was not common in a time or place blessed by the Holy Qur’an on our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said that men and women are equal in rights and duties.

Learning the Qur’an is an integral part of every true Muslim believer’s life. There is no difference in punishment or reward, whether you are a man or a woman when it comes to Islam. Islam is a religion for all ages and genders, and women are still struggling to obtain their rights in today’s modern world.

Therefore, our Quranic courses for females will help our mothers and daughters to find an easy and appropriate way to learn the Qur’an online through an easy and accessible platform, our online staff includes highly qualified teachers who provide Arabic language courses for our learners, this will help our learners to understand the basics and rules of the Arabic language Better with a flexible online schedule to teach Arabic in no time,

Together we will learn, read and ascend, we will recite in this world until we read in the hereafter, while the point at which we stop will be our level and our degree in Heaven.

Join us and be of the people of God
The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (The best of you is to learn and teach the Qur’an. “

Join us and be successful
The best of goodness is because God Almighty has revealed this Qur’an in nations and others will use it, and through intercession on the Day of Resurrection.
The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “The best of you is to learn and teach the Qur’an.
And that, because he told us that the Qur’an will come as an intercessor for its owner on the Day of Resurrection.

Join us so you can join the noble and loyal messengers of angels.
He said: He likened the one who read the Qur’an and preserved it to a free, generous journey. And the example of someone who recites the Qur’an and adheres to it is too hard for him

Join us and be from the people of the Quran.
Do not let your preoccupations and your work prevent you from that, and do not be afraid of losing a share of minimum shares because the livelihood is guaranteed.
Whoever has been occupied by the Qur’an for this world, God will compensate him for what he left.

Do not let the reward be lost on you and take advantage of the opportunity because the Qur’an intercedes for its owner and its reader. The goodness of each letter is gained by reading it, the good has ten times as much and doubles after that. And calm and mercy descended upon him and surrounded by angels and remembered with God