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Islamic studies for kids:

Children are born while they are like a white page,  and Islamic studies for kids are very Important as the clarity of their thoughts and the purity of their information are not disturbed.
They carry all meanings of purity and innocence.
Then parents and educators who write on this white and blank page of their children.
And Religious culture is one of the most important things that educators and parents must instill in a child’s soul,
because it is the basis of culture and the source of correct behavior.

Purposes of teaching Islamic studies to our children:

Raising the child is either to preserve his religion, by raising him in sound belief, firm faith, pure worship, and virtuous morals, or it is to preserve his body and mind.
by raising him on sound healthy habits, good social habits, beneficial nutrition
and sound scientific thinking, And an acurate understanding of human emotions and feelings.

By extrapolating the texts of the Sharia and what was in the field of education by Muslim scholars,
it becomes clear to us that there are two ways in Islam for raising a toddler,
which are:


Raising faith

and the meaning of Raising Faith or faith education is to link the Kid to the basics of faith, and to accustom him to understood the pillars of Islam, and to teach him the principles of the Glorious Sharia.


Teaching Aqida

It is all that The sincere news of truths proved of faith and unseen things such as:
faith in God, his angels, his books, and his messengers, the torment of the grave, the reckoning, the resurrection, Paradise, the Hell and all the unseen things.

By following the methods below:
  • obedience and observance of God Almighty in secret and in public.
  • Think well of God and fear him and resort to him.
  • Relation with Allah and its effect on human energies.
  • Thank Allah and pray.
  • Obedience of Muhamed PBUH.
  • Believe in Angels and what Allah ordered them to do.
  • and to believe in Messengers and books revealed.
  • Believe in destiny and Allah’s willing.
  • And to believe in the hereafter.


Teaching worship

These are all physical and financial acts of worship Allah SWT  such as prayer, fasting, zakat, and Hajj for whomever is able to do It.
and faith and worship are the two sides of the currency of “belief” that a servant pays to acquire the satisfaction of his Lord, the Almighty.
and a child until the age of adulthood is not required to perform the ritual acts as obligatory.
but rather performs these acts as a matter of habit and training.
It makes it easier for the kid to perform ritual acts upon puberty.

Also it was mentioned clearly, by “Rateb bn Adnan Abu Ramz” in his book “Raising the Child in Islam” :
Childhood is not a stage of assignment, but it’s a stage of preparation and training to reach the stage of assignment at puberty.

when we teach children worship:

  • Prayer:

    They are words and deeds that open with takbeer and conclude with submission.
    Allah SWT said: (Enjoin prayer on thy people, and be constant therein).
    Also, prophet Muhamed ﷺ said that we have to teach kids Salah from the age of seven! ·

  • Fasting:

    It is abstaining from eating, drinking and other things.
    We have to teach them how to fast on the Month of Ramadan and train them to do It if they can handle It.
    So we may encourage them to fast up to Dhuhr prayer then Asr then Maghreb Till they reach the age of puberty.

  • Pilgrimage:

    It is worshiping Allah Almighty and performing the rituals according to what came in the Sunnah of prophet Muhamed ﷺ·

  • Other acts of worship:

    We mean by other acts of worship: voluntary acts of worship, supplications remembrance that the text came upon
    such as the Nafl prayer, morning and evening remembrances, yawning, leaving the house, the wake-up Duaa, Also the Duaa at lunch and breakfast, etc.

Moral education:

and the best way to reach the highest morals is to follow the path of Muhamed ﷺ.

“Morals don’t exist without the three beliefs of: existence of God, immortality of the soul, and therefore the reckoning after death”.

the religious culture after teaching Islamic studies to kids:

  • Inculcating the principles of correct belief, raising the meanings of faith, enlightening the child about the blessings of God Almighty,
    the wonders of his power, his creativity in his creation, and therefor his attributes of perfection.
  • Teaching the child, the principles of jurisprudential rulings(Fiqh), his insight into the good and the bad of deeds and morals.
    beside enlightening his thought with the biography of the Messenger – may God bless him and grant him peace – and the journey of the imams and righteous people.

Teaching Islamic studies in “Drops Of Rahma” Academy:

that will strength their knowledge and can make them more associated with Islam and Its behavior and morals.

For that… we are getting to assist you teaching Islam to Your kids online through the Islamic Studies program that covers a good range of basic topics for each Muslim child.

and each topic is split into several levels of online Islamic classes which will turn them from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge.
the structure of Islamic studies  for Kids consists of several sections: (Hadith – Fiqh – sirah – tafsir).

We also provide them with the basic information about each surah of Quran (or chapter),
which gives them the historical perspective of every chapter, which can enable them to completely understand the surah and therefore the meaning of every word Allah wanted to inform us.
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