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What is meant by the year of the elephant?
What is the relationship of the villain Abraha to this story?
In this article, dear ones, we will learn about evil, the story of the destruction of the Holy Ka’ba,
and why it was called the Year of the Elephant.

Year of the elephant:

Once upon a time, there was an evil man named Abraha, who noticed that every year there were many people from all over the world traveling to Mecca.
He asked the reason for this and was told that they would go to the Ka’ba.

“I had to do something so that they would travel to me instead of the building and to my country instead of Mecca” he said angrily.
He decided to build a church of colored marble,
with doors of gold and silver, then he ordered people to visit it instead
of the Ka’ba and no one obeyed him!
Abraha got angry and thought of one thing, which is (demolishing the Ka’ba)!

Building an army to demolish the Ka’ba:

He prepared a large army under the leadership of an elephant and set off towards Mecca,
And when the Arabs knew that he was coming, they were afraid, and when they said to their leader,
he said to them “The Ka’ba has its God who protects it”.

When Abraha and his army were about to destroy the Ka’ba,
the elephant knelt in front of it and refused to stand.
They tried very hard to move it but couldn’t.
Although they were beating the elephant hard, they did not move unless they indicated anything, is Mecca.

Abraha’s army’s killed:

Suddenly, flocks of birds appeared over her, hurling small stones like peas.
Abraha and his army were struck until they left and left the Ka’ba safe, and this is what happened when Abraha fled in fear,
While the rest of his army returned to his home.
Thus, God preserved the Ka’ba.

Since then, this year has been known as the Year of the Elephant.